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Cathedral Peak and Lake, Wind River Range, WY

The majority of my clients are in some stage of more focused planning for retirement. Some are 15 years away, some 5 years away, some much closer. Some are already in retirement. I also have clients in their 30’s and 40’s that I enjoy working with. Besides planning for retirement, I help clients plan for college, travel and major purchases. I manage all the investment accounts for many of my clients. I also have clients for which I give specific investment recommendations and they do the implementation.

Given my background and location, it’s not surprising I have quite a few Intel clients. I also have clients from other companies in the Portland area such as Nike and Providence.

I don’t require any minimum level of investments for my financial planning services.

To help you see if we’d be a good fit to work together, here are a few key things I’m looking for:


You agree with my approach. You understand and are in alignment with my investment philosophy. For example, I wouldn’t be a good fit if you think your advisor should be able to time the market to avoid downturns. Or pick individual stocks which will outperform the market. Or if you don’t believe in the value of diversification. You also understand and have alignment with my financial planning beliefs.

You appreciate the value I provide. You realize the value of my services is far greater than the fee you pay. Learn more about my planning process and the core values I provide. I realize that when your first starting out this may take a step of faith on your part.


You’re committed to the planning process. I’ll work hard to make the process as easy as possible for you. But financial planning done right will take energy and time commitment on your part as well. There’s just no way around that. You’ll need to provide me with the financial information I need. You’ll need to think about your goals and objectives. You may need to spend time outside our meetings considering different financial plan options. You’ll need to complete a risk tolerance questionnaire. You’ll need to engage in the investment planning process. You’ll need to complete your action items in a timely fashion. And you’ll need to be available to meet as much as needed, and respond in a reasonable time to inquiries I make of you.

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