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Financial life planning process

Chocolate Beach, Gulf Islands, BC

I use a robust process designed to help my clients clarify their values, dreams and goals. We then work together to create a meaningful plan which aligns their use of capital (money, time, energy and attention) with those values, dreams and goals.


All of my new clients go through this initial financial life planning process. This usually takes 4-6 meetings over about a 3 month period.

Then, for my ongoing clients, I act as a guide in an ever-changing landscape. Over time, I help my clients further clarify their goals. My aim is to always be working to help them align their resources with their values, dreams and goals.

1. Explore Stage (Get acquainted)

  • Understand what you’d like to accomplish and your main concerns

  • Relate my services to what you’d like to accomplish and your main concerns

  • Answer all of your questions

  • Explain services options and provide fee quote

  • Determine if we’d be a good fit to work together

2. Engage Stage (Get to know you)

  • Establish your "Point A" (where you are now)

  • Gain awareness of your unique perspectives about money

  • Learn about your values and priorities

  • Ask clarifying questions about the specifics of your financial situation

3. Envision Stage (Clarify purpose)

  • Complete initial “rough draft” retirement projection

  • Guide you in creating a vision of your ideal life

  • Establish your "Point B" (meaningful and motivating goals)

4. Enlighten Stage (Choose path)

  • Consider different financially sound options, understand trade-offs

  • Converge on a solid financial plan which supports your ideal life vision and meaningful and motivating goals

  • Determine mix of investments which fits your ability, willingness and need to take risk

5. Empower Stage (Create plan)

  • Deliver Financial Life Planning Summary with all recommendations and a clear action plan for success

  • Determine cash flow planning and management process which works for you

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