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the Value i provide

Shadow Lake, Wind River Range, WY

Here are the different ways I work to provide value for my clients. The first six are for all my clients. The last six are for my ongoing clients.

Goal Focus

I focus on you, your dreams and goals and values, not just your assets


I help simplify your finances wherever possible and take care of all the implementation details through my investment management services. This helps make life easier for you.


I help you maintain perspective, patience and discipline at all times so your investments can do their job of helping you attain your goals.


I look ahead and help you to be prepared for and navigate key life transitions.


I help clarify the possibilities in front of you and bring order to your financial life


I collaborate with you to co-design your plan. You bring the expertise about your own life. I being my financial expertise. The result is a deeply meaningful and motivating financial life plan.


I help you prioritize and follow through on the actions you need to take to put your plan in place.


I strive to guide you through an ever-changing landscape, helping you make course corrections as needed.

Cost Effectiveness

I use cost effective products whenever possible, which keeps more of your hard earned money working for you.


I provide outside perspective which helps you avoid making costly, emotionally driven mistakes.


I make myself available for consultation with you throughout the year via email, phone, video conference or in-person meeting.


I work to explain things in an understandable way, so you can grow your financial knowledge over time.

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